Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ronaldo most popular sports star on Facebook

The world's most expensive footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is also a football player with the most followers on the popular Facebook.

Many hate him but even many more love him,Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer with the most followers on the popular social website Facebook. Most expensive footballer in the world has exactly 3.195,264 members,placing him in front of Swiss tennis star Roger Federer with 3.18 million and US swimmer Michael Phelps, 2.86 million.
Lionel Messi, won 6 titles with Barcelona last season and is the owner of all individual football awards in 2009, but is far from 'CR9', with just under 2 million fans.

In the list of popularity through the network, the England captain David Beckham is still on the podium, but with 2.491,873 has 700,000 less than the Portuguese.

But Cristiano Ronaldo's popularity is not comparable with the cream of world popularity.The late king of pop Michael Jackson for instance has more than 10 million fans,and the almighty American president Barack Obama has over 7 million Facebook fans.

But CR9 also has enemies on Facebook,the group of people who hate him. The group called "A million people who hate Cristiano Ronaldo" has a total of 108,865 members,but yes that's far less than 3 million fanswho loves him......