Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ronaldo is back in Europe

Cristiano Ronaldo is back in Lisbon from L.A !He was spotted by paparazzi cameras at Lisbon's airport, having arrived in a private jet,after landing, he jumped straight into the Ferrari. He spent his firs day back shopping and driving around with his Ferrari 599GTB.It seems like he is now going to spend some days on vacation in his native country.
He refused to talk to the press but he confirmed that his presentation for Real Madrid will be in 30 June.

Cristiano Ronaldo back from L.A. video

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Parties in Los Angeles

The first name of this year's soccer transfers Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed the reputation of irreversible ladies man,he reportedly took three girls back to his hotel room,just days after spending the night with Paris Hilton.Cristiano is still celebrating his socking £80 million transfer deal from Manchester United to Real Madrid at an LA club.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly met three girls Suzzane and Randy,as they partied at a bar in Beverly Hills in City of the Angels and took them up to his room for late night dance.

Allison later said: "We had a dance-off and Cristiano excitedly said he would be the judge. We played Aerosmith's hit Crazy and it became a sexy lapdance. Cristiano couldn't take his eyes off me. "I felt the sparks fly as I leaned into him. Next it was Suzanne's turn. She straddled me and pressed her chest into my face. Cristiano could not take his eyes off of her rear end. "Soon she was whispering in his ear and running her hands over his chest."
Allison and Suzanne said they left the hotel at 4am, leaving Ronaldo still kissing the third girl.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo wears Gucci

Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted out to dinner at Eva Longoria's Beso restaurant in West Hollywood-Los Angeles.
Crisitano Ronaldo spends some of his new $131 million on a night out at Eva Longorias Beso restaurant in West Hollywood
Showing off his interest for designer labels,With his Gucci manbag tucked under his arm, Cristiano Ronaldo pays a visit to Eva Longoria's Beso restaurant. Ronaldo made history last week by becoming the most expensive footballer ever.
With his Gucci manbag tucked under his arm, Cristiano Ronaldo pays a visit to Eva Longorias Beso restaurant
Cristiano withdrew from his national Portuguese squad this week due to a suspected hernia, but has faced criticism for flying to the States rather than resting and recuperating.
Cristiano stalked out of the restaurant carrying a Gucci manbag and wearing a matching Gucci belt.
What hernia? Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo at his Beverly Hills hotel
Cristiano Ronaldo wears Gucci

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Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrate with Paris Hilton

Cristiano Ronaldo is celebrating his record-breaking move to Real Madrid by spending a night getting to know Paris.

Cristiano named his transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid as "historic" and celebrated it by spending a night with Paris Hilton in Los Angeles.An eyewitness at the nightclub described how the sexy pair “were sucking each other's faces off like their plane was going down”.

As news of his “historic” transfer broke, Paris had told a friend: "He's hot, a real athlete - and the chemistry between us was electric."

Cristiano said: "I have had my time at Man United. It's time to look forward and £80m is quite a sum of money.”

Video:Christiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton getting cosy in a club in LA.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Old Trafford

After months of speculation, ungainly answers and avoiding questions, Manchester United have accepted an £80(94 million €) million offer from Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo.

As the official website of Manchester United has announced, the English champions accepted the world record 94 million € offer from Real Madrid, for Portuguese star.
Following assurances from the Old Trafford club to the decision was mostly contributed by Ronaldo himself, after he repeatedly expressed a desire to continue a football career in Madrid.Manchester United expects the trade to be made by the end of the month and says they'll make no more comment.

FIFAs World Footballer of the Year 2008 transfer to Real Madrid is the record one in all aspects, since it is beating the previous record, also set by Real Madrid who paid 73 million€ in 2001 for Zinedine Zidane transfer from Juventus to Real by a 22 million €.

The Spanish newspaper La Rezon has also published details of six year contract, according which Cristiano Ronaldo will yearly receive 9.5m Euros a year - after tax, which is s8m, or s155k a week, and 40% of his image rights.

It is the first time for several years Man United would have allowed a player to leave they weren't happy about losing.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo's new girlfriend

Ronaldo's new girlfriend is Luana Belletti

Cristiano Ronaldo has accordingly to reports, found new girl. Not just with anyone, but with Chelsea defender Juliano Belletti's sister, Luana.Internet site says Ronaldo and Luana have been secretly dating for two months.Not only that, but the couple were apparently set up by Belletti himself.

"Luana had mentioned Cristiano a couple of times to her brother so he set it all up," an unknown source told the Web site.

The news of the coupling beaks almost a month after Barcelona tied Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final to advance to the final against Manchester United — which Barcelona won 2-0.

The couple have no problems with communication, since Brazilians speak Portuguese.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his musical taste

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his taste in music

Cristiano Ronaldo, has revealed that he just loves R & B, soul and rap especially R. Kelly whos songs are a real inspiration to him,he also can’t get enough of Sade, Phil Collins and George Michael.
Ronaldo said:"[R Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly'] is without doubt my favourite song in the world. R. Kelly is a great artist and the words to that song are a real inspiration to me."

Among his favourite artists is also Ricky Martin: "Ricky’s tunes are very catchy. 'Livin' La Vida Loca' is his most catchy by far and it is my most favourite. Maybe I’ll take it into the dressing room.Rio Ferdinand likes a good dance so you never know. It would only take one of the lads to get up dancing and the whole dressing room would be up."

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