Monday, February 22, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Style

Cristiano Ronaldo Style is perhaps one of the most popular website when it comes to ranking of the celebrities. Any celebrity that gets ranked on this website, ought to be a style icon. Yes, so, where our favorite footballer and one of the greatest Style Icon Cristiano Ronaldo stand on this site? If you check out the site for numerous photos, news, gossips and speculations, you would certainly realize that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best Style Icons of the world.So, what makes Ronaldo the king of Style? Well, it is his hair style, it is his style of clothing, it is his fashion forward statement and to top it all, the sexiest footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has a cute and stylish smile that attracts millions of fans to love him. If you observe and follow the Cristiano Ronaldo style, be it a hair style or any other fashion styles, you will start following the most popular trends in the fashion world. Cristiano Ronaldo Styles make him one of the most popular trendsetters in the world of fashion.

Cristiano Ronaldo Style

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do Real Madrid Play Better Without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Do Real Madrid Play Better Without Cristiano Ronaldo?

For Cristiano Ronaldo, it was dream come true when he joined the Spanish Club Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo' greatest football talents have been a great blessings not only for him but also for the Real Madrid that has reached to the heights of success in the annals of football. Of late, there has been a question doing the rounds of Internet Blogger Community as to - Do Real Madrid Play Better Without Cristiano Ronaldo?


It is a question that has generated tons and tons of arguments and debates in the football community. However, the common voice and the outcome of debates and discussions spanning countless numbers of web pages points to only one thing- Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest hero of Real Madrid. Millions of fans say that Cristiano Ronaldo represents the greatest symbol of Madrid' popularity on the radar of International Football. Apart from the voice of millions of fans, many who's who of global footballers have also agreed that Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the best players of Spanish Club but also one of the greatest players of football in the International History of Football.

Cristiano Ronaldo during a training session

Cristiano Ronaldo scored double

Cristiano Ronaldo scored double when Real Madrid beat Xerez 3-0 in the Spanish league on Sat.

Ronaldo, got back from a two game suspension, headed when Kaka carefully aimed cross from the right in the seventy-one minute. Ronaldo and Kaka combined again in the seventy-two minute, with the Kaka passing for Ronaldo to volley home.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates with Kaka after scoring twice vs Xerez

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Want Hair like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Want Hair like Cristiano Ronaldo?

If you a diehard fan of the greatest footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and if your friend were to approach you with an offer to wear Cristiano Ronaldo style hairstyles, how would you respond? Well, the answer is anybody's guess - yes. So, if you want hair like Cristiano Ronaldo, you can easily emulate his haircuts and hairstyles. Why it is easy and simple to mimic the hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo? The reason is the versatility of Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts and hairstyles.

Starting from simple layered haircut to little tricky mohawk mullet hairstyles, all the hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo look amazingly hot on his mane. You can also copy the short layered hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo. What you need to do is to check out our site where we have displayed several images of Cristiano Ronaldo cute and hot hairstyles. You can download any picture that you like, approach the nearest hair salon and get the hairstyle of your favorite icon. Even if you have slightly curly hair, it is possible for you to go for Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles.
Hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Castrol rankings system

Castrol Launches World's First Player Rankings System

Castrol, a global giant in the manufacture of Industrial and Automotive Lubricants launched a truly objective system of awarding the ranking to the footballers. It is an initiate of the kind 'First of All' to rank the Top Footballers of the World. Cristiano Ronaldo, an international Style Icon and Football Super Star, who is also the brand ambassador of Castrol unveiled the inaugural Ranking Systems. Who is the best footballer in the world is always a question that generates huge and passionate debate amongst the millions of fans of footballers.

In order to help the global football fans in deciding who is the top footballer of the world and getting a definitive and a scientific answer, Castrol Launches First Player Rankings System. Castrol Player Rankings System evaluates the actual performance of every football players from all over the Europe' top five football leagues. The system uses highly modern and advanced technology to analyze the performance of every class of players across all the aspects of the football game.

Castrol World's First Player Rankings System