Friday, April 24, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo gets Wired for Speed

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new shoes:Mercurial Vapor Superfly
Nike’s latest product Mercurial Vapor Superfly is considered as the future generation in soccer shoes as of its specific design. Nike has applied a new FlyWire system which rolls over the top of the shoe making a stabilization force. The FlyWire connects at the top of the shoe and gets the same dimensions as a hanging bridge. This system allowes Nike to apply a lighter material and therefore producing one of the lightest soccer shoes of all time weighing only 185g.

Nike’s latest product Mercurial Vapor Superfly

Besides Cristiano Ronaldo Nike’s latest product Mercurial Vapor Superfly is to be worn by world soccer stars such as Didier Drogba,Zlatan Ibrahimović,Nicklas Bendtner, Robinho......

Here’s what Cristiano Ronaldo stated about his co-operation with the Nike development team to bring his dream soccer shoe to life.
“I give feedback about what I like best, what makes me feel good and things I’m accustomed to. Nike listens to my feedback and they improve the boots each time. This boot is very different to the one I’m using and I prefer these to my old boots. The Mercurial Vapor Superfly is much lighter and helps me attack faster.”.

Cristiano Ronaldo Nike mercurial icon

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ronaldo signs new deal with oil firm Castrol

Ronaldo signs new deal with oil firm Castrol

Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a two-year sponsorship deal with the Castrol Motor Oils and Lubricants as Global Ambassador.The partnership between world's best footballer of the year 2008 and the Castrol Motor Oils will last till 2011.
Cristiano obligations to Castrol who is also FIFA World Cup sponsor, will be to represent Castrol as a “global ambassador” leading up to the World Cup in South Africa and that basically means that we will see his face on their products.
The Castrol did not reveal the amount of money involved in the contract, but it counts on Ronaldo to promote Castrol mark, particularly in the initiatives that will take the effect at the start of World Cup 2010 and during the event.

As part of the bargain, his fans from all over the world will be given the opportunity to meet in person their hero in a uncomparable initiative that will provide fans to feel sacrifices and dedication involved to be named FIFA World Player of the Year in 2008.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo's spectacular 40 yard goal vs FC Porto

Cristiano Ronaldo's spectacular 40 yard goal vs FC Porto
Cristiano Ronaldo scored a sensational long range goal against Porto last night and assured Man United passage to the Champions League semi finals and once again showed why he is the best player in the World

In the sixth minute Cristiano Ronaldo after he picked up a pass from Anderson,steamed home an unstoppable shot in to the top right corner of the Porto goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo's spectacular 40 yard goal vs FC Porto video

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Who is Alice Goodwin?

Who is Alice Goodwin?
Alice Goodwin is a beautiful English model and according to the latest rumors she supposedly spent a hot night with Manchester United Star Cristiano Ronaldo.
Alice is already famous in the United Kingdom for having shown her stunning body in several magazine such as Maxim and Zoo. But for now Cristiano neither confirmed nor denied her statement about their supposedly hot night together.While waiting for Cristiano’s comment about Alice Goodwin’s statement,we will be watching her pictures.....

Alice Goodwin is a forthcoming British model ,and is for now best known because of her statement that she had recently spent a wild night with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Usain Bolt named Cristiano Ronaldo a “wuss”

Usain Bolt addresses Cristiano Ronaldo a wuss who had better copy Wayne Rooney.
The Jamaican sprinter said that Ronaldo needed to be more alike his team-mate team-mate Wayne Rooney if he wants to improve.He also criticised the Ronaldo's tendency to "fall over" on the pitch and said the trouble was his running technique.

Bolt, who gained a reputation as the fastest human on globe after winning the Olympic 100 m and 200 m sprints in record breaking time in Beijing China last year, is visiting Manchester following month to provide the Manchester United team some running advices.

22 year old Jamaican, said:
“The first thing I’m going to tell him: stop acting like a wuss.
“Seriously, because the fact why his game is kind of down right now is because these guys are picking on him because he’s so soft. No one in football will try it with Rooney. Ronaldo’s got to be a little like Rooney, he’s got to be aggressive, then these guys will stop picking on him. If Ronaldo’s aggressive back to these guys, and gets a few red cards, people will stop picking on him.”

Usain Bolt the world's fastest man

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